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Refer A Few People

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As you know, there are companies that pay you a commission when you refer a friend who buys or subscribes for a product/service of theirs.

That's what we call a Referral Program

It can be a one-time purchase, so you earn a percentage of the amount.

❭ ❭ It can be a subscription, so you earn a percentage each month.

❭ ❭ ❭ What is even better is when you keep earning commissions as a result of:

- your 1st tier's subscriptions (1st tier: users you invited)

- plus your 2nd tier's subsctiptions (2nd tier: users who were invited by your 1st tier)

- plus your 3rd tier's subsctiptions (3rd tier: users who were invited by your 2nd tier)

That's exactly the model that we operate here at Nitsova and which guarantees high monthly earnings for each and every user.

As for the product, it is a personal finance web app. You'll find details once you're logged in (click My subscription).


You'll be approaching a few people inorder to introduce them to the referral program, which is the opportunity that we share. That's what we do.

You'll not be selling them on any product.

By inviting them, you're doing them a favor actually: showing them the way to improve their lives and get their freedom back.

As for the $45 monthly subscription, it's what makes the system work for the whole community of users.

Moreover this amount is definitely negligible when compared to what each user normally earns.

This makes sense. Right?





To make a forecast of your potential monthly earnings, enter the number of users that you think you can invite (1st Tier).
All 3 tiers automatically contribute to your earnings (in other words, they keep paying you each month).

number (1st Tier):
Monthly Earnings Total Referrals

[Your Earnings = (number * 11) + (number * 9 * 2.2) + (number * 9 * 9 * 5.72)]
[Based on the current average number invited by an existing user & which is: 9 ]

Step 1: Create Your Free Referral Account

Step 2: Sign Up For The Nitsova Personal Finance Web App ($45/month)

Step 3: Invite A Few People

Earn Thousands of dollars /month On Auto-pilot

The amount you earn each month depends only on the number of individuals you invited and who took action (i.e. who went ahead & did the exact same thing).
You are free to invite as many people as you want.

Example: you invited 12 people (1st tier). Each one of them invited 9 on average (2nd tier). Each one of the latter group invited 9 on average (3rd tier).
That guarantees $5929.44 per month for you.
Here's how it is calculated: (12 * 11) + (12 * 9 * 2.2) + (12 * 9 * 9 * 5.72) = $ 5929.44

How Does Nitsova Compare To Other Companies?:

* Other companies charge sign up fee + training fee + kit cost.

* As long as you are in business with them, you'll always have to prospect and sell their products to new customers.

None Of That Applies To NITSOVA!:

*FREE To Join

*No Need To Keep Prospecting Forever.
Just Invite A Few Friends And Encourage Them To Take Action.

Attractive Opportunity Inviting Others Is Extremely Easy

This opportunity is global. Regardless of which country you reside in, you're welcome to sign up if you are 18 or older.

Access Your Earnings Through Paypal or Using The Prepaid Mastercard by Payoneer Or Withdraw To Any Bank Account.

Just make sure that your country belongs to the list of 200+ countries supported by Payoneer.


Available languages are: English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and French. Soon we'll add German, Polish, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Turkish and Italian.

Convenient To The Average Person. Ideal For Stay-at-home Moms, Students, Network Marketers, Independent Distributors, Affiliate Marketers, CPA Marketers, Media Buyers, And Anyone Who's Interested In A Passive Income Opportunity.

If this is your first time here, visit www.nitsova.com to learn more about the product.

Create your free account and you'll find your sponsor link and the getting started guide on the dashboard.

Welcome Email: check your inbox immediately for the welcome email.

In case you find it in the spam folder, make sure you mark it as non-spam. That way you can't miss out on any notifications in the future.

Mobile apps: you don't need to install any app. All our sites have a responsive design. So you can access them from any device.






At Nitsova we leverage the power of technology in order to empower average individuals everywhere in the world.

Our system allows everyone to secure a recurring passive income, but this doesn't mean that we are comfortable with creating a generation of "lazy" people.

On the contrary, we aim to:
- raise awareness
- help you understand that freedom lifestyle exists and that you can escape the rat race.

That being said, the ultimate goal is to encourage you to become successful entrepreneurs and create businesses that bring value and create wealth.

We know that when it comes to entrepreneurship the biggest challenge is funding and cash flow.
With Nitsova this is definitely solved.

Each member's responsibility is to use his/her time and earnings in order to learn skills, learn entrpreneurship and bring value to the world.

That's the impact we've chosen.

Besides entrepreneurship, you can invest your money in gold, silver, crypto, real-estate and startups (equity crowdfunding: there are multiple websites that you can check).