NITSOVA Viral System

The eCom Game Changer
Puts An End To Wasting Money on Ads,

Takes Online Shops From Zero To Success,
And Keeps Generating Sales On Auto-pilot.

Triggers The Viral Effect Using A Small Budget.

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Whether you do dropshipping or you manage your own brand, you are aware of the challenges that eCommerce entrepreneurs are facing.

eCommerce business has about an 80% failure rate and the main reasons are the following:

Many new stores are being built and competition is increasing.

Ads are getting more and more expensive.

Not Enough investment.

Lack of converting traffic.

In these conditions, selling low-ticket items means that you sell at loss or you break even.

Selling high-ticket items involves a different purchase decision-making process. It requires a complex sales funnel plus a trained sales team.

Solution: Make It Go VIRAL !

The Nitsova Viral System is the implementation of a proven model that has generated amazing results using a tiny ad budget.

Example: We witnessed the take-off of a brand new store that leveraged this method to build a customer base of 85k buyers in less than a week.

From now on, you are in control, no matter what happens in the world.

From now on, your business won't depend on any advertising platform any more.

Once you become a client, you get a copy of the system (identical to what you see when you click "Live Demo").
Your copy of the system is referred to as "your site" or "your viral site or "your custom site".
Upon sign up you'll access your viral site immediately, you'll be able to customize it in less than 2 minutes and start using it.


You need to have a store that's up and running and that's ready for taking orders. It can be Shopify or any other platform.

How it works:

The system is structured as a giveaway program where Free Plus Shipping offers are used as a magnet.

People systematically get access to free stuff (they pay shipping only).

And all they need to do is to invite 2 friends, but the more friends they invite, the more items they unlock.

Remember this: statistically speaking, 92% of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertising.

You can use Free Plus Shipping offers, or exclusive discounts or any offers.

If you do CPA Marketing, you can use it for making your CPA Offers go viral.

Once your site is configured, you need to drive traffic to it for a few days or a couple of weeks.

This should trigger the viral effect.

On the front end, you start earning immediately as a result of the Free Plus Shipping offers.

On the back end, you obtain a list of buyers that you can build relationship with, and keep upselling on regular offers that exist on your shop, using email marketing or sms marketing.

As long as your subscription is active, you can run as many campaigns as you want.

You can use your site for the same store or for as many stores as you want.

You'll be able to access the list of people that's being built (name, email, mobile, country) and export it in CSV format so that you upload it to your email marketing software.

Your site will be created under another domain name that's related to ecommerce, not under

Site customization includes:

Configuring your site to use any offers of your choice and you have full control over your site data, products/gifts images, logo, Facebook preview image.

Adding your customer service email address.

Adding your tracking code (such as Facebook ads pixel, etc).

Best practices:

++ It is crucial that you select products that appeal to a large audience, not a small niche market.

++ When you advertise the giveaway (your site), make sure you use a video because it is powerful.

On you can get it done by a professional spokesperson for a reasonable price.

If you don't want to write the video script, you can hire a copywriter on Fiverr as well.

++ Driving traffic to trigger the viral effect:

- Your favorite paid ads platforms.

- Instagram influencer marketing.

- Your existing mailing list if any.

- Your personal network of friends and direct reach out to people.

- Free Traffic.

Our commitment:

+ You get a turnkey system that's ready to generate revenue right away.

++ We took the necessary measures to prevent fraud: users will not be able to register using a non valid email address, and will not be able to create more than one account.

+++ No regular user can access the admin area.

++++ Each user gets email notifications when the number of his/her invited friends who took action, reaches 2, then 4 and 6.
This email encourages him/her to login and check what gifts have just been unlocked.

+++++ Our support team will always be there to assist you at any stage.

++++++ We are serious about giving you an edge over your competition and we mean it.
Therefore this system is going to be exclusive to 1500 clients only.

As soon as we reach this number, sign up will not be available anymore.

Sorry, sign up for the viral system is not available anymore.